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About Us

Welcome to Dal Contadino Trattoria, family owned and operated restaurant that represents Italy’s hospitality and delicious cuisine. Our story is one of love, passion, and a journey that blends cultures to produce an unforgettable eating experience.

Authentic Homestyle Italian Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale
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Chef Nuccio and Kremena Giannino( husband & wife)
Chef Nuccio and Kremena Giannino

A Culinary Odyssey

Our journey began in 2016, when Chef Nuccio and Kremena Giannino( husband & wife) united their love for exceptional cuisine and Italian heritage. Together, they brought the captivating flavors of Italy to their community through Dal Contadino Trattoria. Nestled in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, this local hidden gem embodies their shared culinary vision.

From handmade pastas, fresh seafood & fish, Tuscany steaks, daily Chef’s specials to great wine selection & cocktails, you will always find something new and exciting to savor here. Piano Bar live entertainment is not to be missed.

Chef Nuccio's Legacy

Learn about the culinary legacy of Italian Native Chef Nuccio, who is from the charming seaside province of Puglia. His 30 years experience in food industry and culinary passion took him on a journey that made him a well-known chef who has a significant impact.

Chef Nuccio’s creations serve as a link between different eras and cultures. His creations in the kitchen are authentic and carefully crafted. Every plate reflects his commitment to upholding tradition while welcoming innovation.

Together with Kremena Giannino, Chef Nuccio created other locally known restaurants. Among their successful accomplishments are IL Paesano Italian Gourmet Market & Restaurant, Eatapas Spanish restaurant and Fish N’ Bubbles Seafood restaurant which were created and operated under their supervision and successfully turned over within the first year of opening.

They introduced their new concept in beginning of 2023 . This exciting addition to the family Is called PICKITAUP, where Fast Means Good. Italian quick service eatery with open concept kitchen with dine-in and takeout Italian food cooked in less that 10min.

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Kremena's Touch

Meet Kremena Giannino, an extraordinary person whose journey serves as proof of dedication and intellect. Her work spans a variety of culinary endeavors, and it has had nothing short of amazing influence.

Kremena is responsible for a wide range of duties as the front of the house. Her touch is visible in every element, from making sure that each visitor is comfortable to creating the right mood with space decoration and managing operations.

Kremena’s path extends beyond the food industry. She is an enthusiastic supporter of local initiatives and involved in a number of community organizations and chambers. Her impact extends far beyond the dining table and has a positive effect on everyone she encounters.

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Come, Be Part of Our Family

At Dal Contadino Trattoria, tales come to life as flavors and melodies blend to produce something unique. Join us as we embrace history, celebrate innovation, and let each dish, note, and smile be a window into the beauty of Italy. We cordially invite you to join our family, where each visit is an adventure in flavor and love.

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